“I was suffering from anxiety attacks and depression, I had a major moment where I hit rock bottom. So after much crying I decided to try therapy. Lorraine very quickly created a very safe, honest and open atmosphere for me to talk freely about myself. She has a genuine nature that helped me to open up and talk through my problems. For the first time in many years I am happy and I thank Lorraine for the positive nature she brought to our sessions; honestly, I have friends I have made over the last 2-3 years and the change in my nature is so dramatic it has led them to ask my wife what has happened and why I am so happy!

“It seems strange to write this but I’m really pleased that I don’t have to come and see you anymore. Although at the time the things we talked about and goals we set I found very difficult to implement and accept, I can truly say now I look back at our appointments, so much has contributed to the way I’m tackling my past and my future. I really do believe I have come out a better person.”

“Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of rational and logical thinking and allowing me to improve the quality of my life and the lives of my loved ones, without depriving me of authenticity.”

“I have had a number of therapists over the last twenty years, but I have found Lorraine to be one of the most effective and professional. In the relatively short time that I have seen her she has helped me gain a much better understanding of the issues I face, and how by taking more responsibility for my feelings I can improve my relationships with those at work and around me. Given my personal history, I have not found this easy, but Lorraine’s empathetic manner and genuineness have helped me gain some very important insights over the past few months. More importantly Lorraine is not afraid to challenge and confront my beliefs when she feels they may not be helping me – she is able to do this in a non-critical way, which I find easier to take on board. I have had some bad experiences with therapists in the past, so trust is a significant issue for me. I trust Lorraine; she is an excellent therapist; and I would happily recommend her to anybody.”

“Lorraine, thank you ever so much for all the work you did with me, I’m really looking forward to my future now, each and everyday. Although you never met my immediate family, they too are extremely grateful for all the help you gave me.”

“When I first met Lorraine, I had been diagnosed with PTSD after an event that happened over two years ago. I had managed to muddle through all that time and I was in a pretty bad way when we first met. I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and a general feeling life was not worth living. From our very first meeting, Lorraine created a safe environment where I felt comfortable. More importantly, she took control and instilled me with a feeling that I would get through this. Through CBT and EDMR, I noticed quick improvements. For the first time in a while, I feel excited and positive about the future. Lorraine, no words can adequately express how thankful I am for your help.”

“When I first started the CBT sessions, I was at a very low point in my life. I was very depressed, had anger management issues, suffered social anxiety and lacked self-care. With the skills and understanding I have since gained, I can now face the future with optimism. I have a vastly improved opinion of myself, greater self-esteem, and I am a much calmer person. Also, situations that I would have avoided in the past, I can now deal with without fear. I found all the sessions with Lorraine extremely helpful, and always felt comfortable talking over problems with her. It helped a lot having someone I could trust and enjoy talking with. I feel very lucky to have had access to this type of therapy, as it has helped me change the way I think and behave and consequently I’ve been able to turn my life around. I would highly recommend Lorraine to anyone seeking similar help. Thanks for all your help Lorraine it’s very much appreciated. It sounds like a cliche, but it has been a life changing experience.”

“The best thing that has come out of therapy with Lorraine is the many great comments I have had from family and friends. Many have seen a new me, or returning to the way that I used to be when at college. This has also had a great effect on my family who I obviously put a lot of stress and strain on over the last few years. Many times I have returned to things that I had discussed with Lorraine, which has been so invaluable in pushing myself forward and doing things that before I was only dreaming about. I’m seeing life now as lots of small challenges that I’m enjoying getting myself stuck into and achieving. Any knock backs I have had I’m only seeing in positive ways by learning from them and doing better next time.”

“In 2010, I was diagnosed as suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. I found Lorraine very easy to talk to. Lorraine successfully treated my flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks and other related symptoms. I am now enjoying a change of career and would highly recommend Lorraine’s services to anybody.”

“Before I contacted Lorraine my life was a cycle of chronic gambling, followed by months of recovery, only to relapse again and again. After meeting Lorraine I was able to learn how to spot the situations and behaviours which made me act like this. More importantly change my whole thought process and attitude to this problem and many other aspects of my life. It’s been over a year now since I last gambled, and I truly feel free of this past addiction. I only regret not contacting Lorraine earlier! Thank you for giving me my life back!”


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